It All Starts with an Idea

Primarily, PC Studio is a graphic design practice. Simple. But we do more than make things pretty.

At its core, design is about problem solving. Whether it’s via a specific campaign, or creating something more wide reaching like your brand identity, we help you project your message, your purpose and your ethos into the world.

Is Political Correctness Actually “Mad”?

Political correctness will probably always be a pejorative term when viewed through a mainstream lens, but is that deserved? When you dig down into what people are asking for, it’s generally to be treated with respect and to be visible within the society they’re part of.

We strive to always have this understanding at the forefront of our minds, and we’ll support you in raising any concerns we have with the work we’re creating together. That could be in the representation of people within imagery, language used in copy, or in creating truly inclusive campaigns which reflect and appeal to your customers and their lives.

It Can Be Easy Being Green

From printing to web hosting, graphic design—as with any industry—has a variety of environmental impacts. But there are myriad ways to reduce that impact and wear your green credentials with pride, and new understandings, technologies and techniques are always being developed.

We keep abreast of advances and are ready to advise when it comes to fulfilling projects for you. Websites hosted with us use servers which are powered by renewable energy. Our printing suppliers use the latest in vegetable inks, waste reduction and sustainably sourced paper.

Right down to our business cards which are made from T-shirt off-cuts from the fashion industry, we want to make sure that the impact we have on the world, in whatever small way, is a positive one.